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1) What are Btools?

Btools are free tools available to Bmoll users to help them be creative with music. If you want to enable Btools you need to fill the registration form, including the optional fields with the purple background (link). In case you haven't already done that, don't worry: you can fill them whenever you want by clicking on your profile. The list of Btools includes: Bband, Bstudio, Bvideo e Bshoot.


2) What is Bband?

Bband allows you to create a virtual music band, both amateur and professional, with other Bmoll users.

For example, a Bband can be used for:

·         all musicians out there who are willing to create or join a band, but are unable to do that for many reasons (time, space, distance, and so on....);

·         already existing real music bands who want to become more popular and/or have more chances to play or compose new music.

·         all poeple who love music but don't play any musical instrument. It's easy to create a virtual music band and make up new songs by mixing video tracks available from other users.

·         music bands who need to start new musical projects that need other special players or instruments, temporary or permanently, a set of skills they don't have or someone who plays an instrument they don't know how to play. 

You can create an unlimited number of virtual bands and join more than one band as well. You have a limitless number of music sessions where you can use our special video mixer (Bstudio) to create new songs.


3) What is Bstudio?

Bstudio is a powerful Btool to create new music sessions by mixing video tracks of each instrument needed to create the desired song. All projects can be created as a Bband or a single user. The video tracks needed to mix may be selected between yours, those of your friends or the ones available in the community as well. The process to synchronize all tracks is very simple:

·         you can bring forward the track by clicking the left arrows;

·         you can postpone the track by clicking the right arrows;

Once you finished the task of mixing all videos you can also render the final result into a brand new video.


4) What is Bshoot?

Bshoot is a Btool that allows a user to upload a video where he performs a tecnique, a song or a musical riff that is difficult for him, so that the whole community might help him to improve his skills. This is a very useful way to study on your own and/or try out new ideas that need a feedback.