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1) What is Bmoll?
Bmoll is a web site that offers advanced interactive tools to allow people to share and exchange a virtual musical experience.

2) As a player, what music skill level is required to join the Bmoll community?
There are NO constraints, any level or skill is allowed.

3) What are Btools?
Btools are free practical tools of Bmoll to help people to play and interact with music.
The list of Btolls includes: Bband, Bstudio, Bvideo and Bshoot.  Read below for a short briefing or download the guide to have a complete description.

4) What is Bband?
Bband allows you to create a virtual music band, both amateur and professional. Download the guide to have a complete description.

5) What is Bstudio?
Bstudio is one of the Btools set, and it allows you to create new music sessions using a special video mixer. This tools merges all instruments/players to make your own song. Download the guide to have a complete description.

6) What is Bshoot?
Bshoot is one of the Btools set, and it allows any user to upload a video where he shows a technique, a song or a musical riff that is difficult for him. The community will try to give all hints and advices to get better and refine details. Download the guide to have a complete description.

7) Are Bmoll services and its tools totally free?
Yes, they are, there is no fee or tax to pay.

8) In case of technical problems or browser issues, who can I contact?
Feel free to contact our technical support by using the help page and sending us a message where you thoroughly describe your problem.

9) What is the minimal hardware requirement to record a video track and use it with Btools?
The minimal hardware requirement is a simple and cheap webcam connected to your computer (so that you can record yourself) and a pair of headphone to listen to the original track that you are gonna play.

10) Do I need a YouTube account to upload a video?
Yes, to upload a video you must have a YouTube account.

11) May I use videos loaded on other providers?
No, at the moment Bmoll supports the YouTube video hosting only.